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International Information &
Training Services Co.
(Dallah Group)
Al Khobar (KSA)
2002 2004                    Multimedia Specialist - Responsible for Directing,                                    Concept and design for CD Interactive (story board
                                   layout, 3d animation Video Clips Editing, Special
                                   effects and final Preview)

Sara United Advertising
Al Khobar (KSA)
2000 2002                    Multimedia Specialist - Responsible for Directing,                                    Concept and Design for Interactive CD(story board layout,                                    3d animation, Video Film Directing, Video Clips Editing,
                                   Special effect and final Preview)
                                   Creative Designer - Responsible for Corporate Design from
                                   Concept to Prints. such as (packaging, Corporate logos,
                                   Brochures, Leaflets,Posters, Large Format Printing,
                                   Corporate Van design, Banners, Exhibition Booth,

Femar/McAnn Ericson
Makati (Phil)                 
1999 2000                    

                                              Multimedia Specialist - Responsible for Concept and                                    Design for Interactive CD(story board layout, 3d animation                                    Video Clips Editing, Special effect and final Preview)

                                   Web Designer - Responsible for Concept and                                    Design for WEB PAGE (Main layout, animation,                                    links,and up-loading on world wide web)
                                                                                                                                             Creative Team Leader - Responsible for maintaining the
                                   camaraderie within the group, also to uplift the innovative
                                   level thru concept debate and brain storming

Zicograph Jeddah/
Al-Balagh Printing Press
Jeddah (KSA)                
1998 1999                    Art Director - Directing the whole Team /Production                                    process from Concept to Print, Client Ideas to Final
                                   Responsible for supervision of design staff,
                                   Strong organizational abilities and A leadership skills.
                                   • Pre-press
                                   • Story Board/Media
                                   • Media/Advertising Strategy Plan

J&P Coats Manila Bay, Inc.
Marikina City
1990 1998                    Corporate Artist/Art Director - Team Player, Responsible                                    for all the Company POS Materials ie. Brochures,Leaflets
                                   Posters, Banners, Packaging, Magazine, Logos design
                                   Presentation, Commercials/promo items, etc.