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I  graduated with a bronze medal  in arts &  design, and that
open my intuition in arts. As a traditional artist I start to use
different  mediums and developed  my self in a different level
of arts.  I use  water  color, pen &  ink,  oils, acrylic  paints,
airbrush, mix media, pastels & charcoal.

My series of paintings and prints is exploring and concentrating
on developing an awareness of beauty as a subversive strategy,
as  an instrument of seduction, a way of drawing the viewer into
a space where you can begin a dialogue and an exchange.

Since 1991, I have been working full-time as a professional graphic
artist. This has enabled me to enhance my creativity by expressing
a concept,  ideas and  composition  evoking strong visual message
in which our client express their strategic goals that project their
corporate image in the market.

Each of my jobs has its own  unique schematic language that  reveals
a visual   impact,   incorporating   a complex   artistic   structure  and
developed to perform a vision that reflect the idea of our clients into
prints, advertise and convey.

In Year 1998, my first interactive cd was very successful. Using the
common  recipe in multimedia   such as video clips,animation and
application tools like Adobe premier, Macromedia Director etc.

In 1999, While the 3d world invade graphics and multimedia, I start
with series  of architectural  rendering and  3d modeling,  then later
i combine the 2d graphics animation with 3d animation, and its
so wonderful.

My work continues to evolve and expand --- and my interests
are focused on a vision that:evolving in a time of transition.

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